Enthusiasm x Enthusiasm = Chaos



The other day, April 21st was National Foundation Day of Rome. The year of establishment is 753 BC.

One memory of such a deep history in Rome.

Soccer is the sport of Italy. Calcio in Italian.

There are many fierce derby matches, one of which is Rome vs Naples Derby del Sole. The hostility between the supporters is incomplete.

I’m a Romanista. Romanista is a nickname for Roman fans.

Rome is such a place, but it is a little inferior to the big clubs in Europe. As various teams become multinational, there are always players from Rome in Rome. It is a team for Romans by Romans who fight and win the world with local players. It is important for Romanistas to win with local players who are not happy to collect star players with money and win. It’s a very Italian team.

This photo is Rome vs Naples in 2019. Rome won 2-1 on that day. At the moment of the goal, I hugged with the uncle next door. (Before the corona epidemic)