Italian’s sence of taste


This is a story when a winery came to Japan from Campania, Italy.

He held a wine seminar for us. His winery makes a DOCG wine called Taurasi.

One of my colleague asked him, what is most delicious food you ate on this trip. He answered it’s ramen, so he is a ramen lover.

He couldn’t ask what kind of ramen he had, but he said he ate ramen that seemed to go great with Taurasi. I think the ramen he ate was traditional rich taste ramen from Yokohama that called ”Yokohama iekei ramen”. This is an answer that has been firmly derived according to the method of the Sommelier Association.

It is a pairing that I want to try someday.

The photo shows the ramen from a ramen shop that I used to go to. I have so many memories that I will talk about it later.