Every failure is a step to success.

Barbera d’Alba!!!

The Italian sommelier class consisted of three students, including myself.

Everyone loved wine and immediately hit it off. They were interesting members such as a college student girl, me who is a restaurant server, and 50yo woman.

One day, we went to a nearby restaurant to eat a hamburger.

Of course, we drink wine in a bottle. At that time, we were studying food pairing. And I decided to choose wine. The wine selected by mobilizing all the knowledge that has just been studied …is

Barbera d’Alba !!!

If you don’t understand what it is, please search. It’s red wine from Piedmont.

First of all, the miscalculation was that the putty was unexpectedly dry.
If you don’t have juiciness, you can’t match red. The taste of wine remained a little strong. It’s failure.

But I think it’s important who you drink wine with, so the wine you drink with your fun friends was exceptional.