History of IPA

IPAとはIndia Pale Aleの略です。

Do you know a beer called IPA?

IPA is an abbreviation for India Pale Ale.

The explanation of Pale and Ale will be another opportunity, India.

I would like to talk about why India is.

Once upon a time, India was a British colony. Naturally, there are many British people in India. Pub culture has taken root in England, and beer and whiskey were drunk on a daily basis. However, India at that time had almost no technology for making alcohol. But don’t you think British in India want to drink? I understand their feelings very much. So they tried to ship it from their home country to India. But it’s such a long distance between India and England. At the time when there was no refrigeration technology, the beer could be spoiled. However, mainland people want them to drink beer who are working hard in India! They strongly squeeze their wisdom. And two answers to reach. Let’s increase the alcohol content to improve the sterilization effect. But that’s not enough. Another thing is to add a large amount of hops that have a sterilizing effect. By doing this, you succeeded in bringing beer to India.

This remnant is also present in the current IPA, which features a fruity aroma of hops and a high alcohol content. By the way, the photo is Italian IPA. It was tasted in a sommelier class. There is also a beer class.