The perishing city


Do you know Japanese animation company “Studio Ghibli”? One of my favorite movie is “Castle in the sky Laputa”.

There are many places in the world that are said to have become Laputa’s models. Miyazaki-san who is the top director of Ghibli hasn’t made a statement.

One of them seems to be this Civita di Bagnoregio.

It is said to be a perishing town, and it used to be a fortified city, but now it is weathering and it seems that it will eventually collapse.

The only way to get inside is the bridge in the foreground. Once you step in, you will find a small town.

There are cliffs around this town. As I went deeper, I saw a beautiful view surrounded by mountains. While enjoying the scenery, when I looked closely, most of the beautiful scenery was fields. As I studied wine, I immediately realized it’s vineyards. And the same olive groves were spreading.

I went there in winter, but I thought that I could enjoy the fresh green of vine leaves in spring, so I decided to come again. Before it collapses.