Why so delicious? ③~It seems good pairing, but…~

The Italian sommeliers evaluate the compatibility of food and wine on a 10-point scale.

In 1 to 3, the balance between food and wine is poor, and the combination makes it unpleasant.
In 4 to 7, either food or wine is emphasized, but it is not in a bad state.
8 to 10 are in a well-balanced and very harmonious state.

We will evaluate it based on these criteria.

The Italian way of thinking is that the best pairing is not to make one stand out, but to harmonize both in a well-balanced manner and make it even more delicious.

Based on that, the story of caviar that I talked on last blog.

The caviar is salted. It’s pretty salty. No wine is mellow enough to handle this saltiness. It also has a strong scent. Caviar by itself can’t be paired with wine.

In another story, salami and beer. Many people think it’s a good combination. However, unfortunately, the saltiness and flavor strength of salami cannot be accommodated by beer. Aren’t you drinking a lot of beer to get rid of the aftertaste in your mouth? I think there are many people who are full with that.

Prosciutto, cheese, salami, and caviar cannot be combined by itself. And there is always a garnish for such things. That is why it is the best pairing.

Next time, I will introduce the pairing with this idea.