Why so delicious? ④~What’s the topping on sushi?~

sushi on brown wooden board

I was in Italy for less than two months studying wine.

I miss Japanese food when I’m abroad for such a long time.

There is a big train station called Termini in Rome. There is a food court in the station and it is crowded every day. There are various take away shops such as a pizzeria, a beer bar, a wine bar, ramen, pasta, salad, sandwich, cheese and more Italian dishes. I was looking for some food to bring to the wine bar because I could eat anything at any seat.

Then I found sushi which is squid, shrimp, tuna, salmon roe, etc. I bought it and take it to the wine bar immediately.

And I chose Spumante, from Umbria. It is a wine made by the same method as Champagne. The second glass is Rose from Sicily. Spumante for white squid and shrimp, and rosé for lean fish and roe. I enjoyed the wonderful pairing. By the way, the rice was a wonderful al dente.

Pairing sushi is possible because there is rice and soy sauce. And the wine to match changes greatly depending on the material. Pickled tuna and conger eels can go with light red wine. White fish can be paired with various types of white wine and rosé wine.

Thinking like this, the food we eat can be paired with wine even for any Japanese food.

By the way, what do you think Japanese people eat with rice?