Why so delicious? ⑥ ~A sommelier & Japanese sake~

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The Italian sommelier has a final exam after taking all the lessons.

First half written exam and tasting. The second half is an oral examination.

The content of the second half of the exam seems to change depending on the examiner. In my case, it was like tasting wine, analyzing it verbally, and answering the teacher’s questions. There seems to be some tests such as making a wine list in advance. it’s interesting.

The first question of such an oral examination …

“If you drink sake as an aperitif, how temperature do you serve it?”

Oh no, I didn’t learn sake in class!

I managed to overcome such a nasty question attack and successfully acquired the qualification.

When asked such a question, it makes me want to drink sake. So, immediately after returning to Japan, I went to an izakaya (bar, tavern in Japan) in the neighborhood to drink sake. So I seriously thought about it. The strongest food that goes well with sake.

What is the knowledge of the Italian Sommelier Association?

・ Both food and sake are in harmony, not one that stands out.
・ Capture the characteristics of wine that sake does not have
・ Of course, we also capture the characteristics of sake that wine does not have.

The strongest pairing derived from the above is …

It’s tempura! !! !! !!

Tempura and sake are a common combination, but when you think about it with this method, you can see that it is a very good pairing.

If you want to know how I got to this answer, please ask from comment.
You can match the food to the sake, or you can choose the sake to match the food.

I’m always thinking about why it’s delicious.

This is the end of this series.

If there is an interesting theme, I will make it into a series again.