White mountain

Do you know a dessert which is called Mont Blanc? As the title suggests, it is a chestnut cake that means white mountain. There is also a sweet called Monte Bianco in Italy. This also means a white mountain.

Both are chestnut cakes, but there is a clear difference between the two.

Mont Blanc, which is often seen, is made by coating whipped cream with chestnut cream. Basically brown, depending on the item, it may be yellow.

Monte Bianco is conical with fresh cream, and chestnut cream inside. That’s pure white. Why is there such a difference?

Both are modeled on a real mountain called Mont Blanc. It is a mountain that straddles the border between France and Italy.

Although it is the same mountain, when viewed from the French side, you can see a gentle, rugged rock surface. On the contrary, when viewed from the Italian side, it is covered with sharp white snow.

It’s very interesting that similar desserts are different. The photo was taken when I climbed Mont Blanc.