The Rule


Having the ability of a sommelier is a lot of fun.

Since I am from a rural port town, I sometimes want to eat seafood incredibly.
When I was in Italy, I was in the inland area of ​​Tuscany all the time, so I couldn’t find much good seafood. After the sommelier exam, I had the opportunity to go to Venice. For dinner that day, I ate only seafood at the hotel restaurant.

I got an idea with playfulness. Try not to drink white wine.

I enjoyed it with my rule. The first drink was a Venetian craft beer, the second was a Tuscan rosé wine and the last was a light red wine from the local Veneto region, and I enjoyed the best pairing.

I always make guests surprised with this ability. I often get orders from my guests such as

“Could you choose a red wine for the seafood dish, anything OK.”

“Suggest a wine for this food, I trust you.”

“Just surprise me” (Actually this is the most difficult order in my life)

However it’s so much fun to beyond their expectations. That’s why I can’t quit the job sommelier.