Do you have a favorite beer?

All beers are delicious and It’s really hard to choose one. Every beer is delicious.

I’m a big beer lover, and there is a beer that I want to drink impulsive sometimes. That beer is called Kilkenny.

A beer born in the city of Kilkenny, Ireland. It is characterized by the slight carbonic, fine bubbles, and a very mellow taste with a little sourness. I would like you to try it once if you have the opportunity, but it is a little rare beer in Japan. I found it at few bar in Tokyo. Only one bar can be found in Osaka. Moreover, it is sold only on the tap. It is not sold in bottles or cans.

As I was walking in Rome thinking about that, I suddenly entered a bar. I was looking at the menu, and found Kilkenny! This is fate! !! It is an order by prompt decision.

I did go there for 5 times during my 5 days stay in Rome.