Wall learning

When I took a final exam of Sommelier, I was never confident.

That’s because I am not good at memorizing.

Japanese sommelier exam is very important to memorize, I think it will be quite difficult for me (because it will not proceed to the tasting test without passing the writing exam). The Japanese sommelier is really great.

By the story of the Italian test, the first half of the exam was written (choices) and tasting. Writing test probably did not even half points. However, it was a feeling that I was able to cover some of the tasting because I was a little confident in the taste.

The second half oral tests, I was not able to answer such as I thought, and I cared the mental that failure in the exam and enjoyed the remaining Italian stay to forget its facts.

This photo is a wall ornament of the 20 provinces of Italy. It is great ornament to study, but I found this at the airport in Rome when I go back to Japan.

I wish I could meet it sooner. I took this picture while thinking like that.