The most delicious

What is the most delicious food in your life?

It’s difficult for me to choose because there are so many, but the food in this photo is impressive, so I will introduce it.

When you visit Italy, the best thing you should eat is truffles.
The truffles are rich in aroma, and you can enjoy the aroma of truffles while complimenting the dishes. It is common to slice and put on top. When it comes to the truffle harvest season, there are truffle festivals all over the place. Fragrant truffle dishes and aromatic wines go great together.

Since I came to Italy, I was wondering if there was any food I could enjoy with the truffle main. I was told that there is a good food. A dish with truffles on top, where you can enjoy the truffles with all your might.

What came out at the restaurant was a fried egg. Super simple egg dish.
The most delicious fried egg I have ever eaten. I was impressed that there is a dish where you can taste the truffles so well.

Of course, it goes well with wine. I felt very happy and it was a great night.