Trappist beer

This photo is a super rare beer in Japan, so please let me show you.

This beer is called Trappist beer. Have you heard of it?
Trappist is a Catholic religious order. The beer brewed in the monastery is called Trappist beer. Trappist monasteries also exist in Japan, and the products made there are local specialties.

Such Trappist beer is sometimes mass-produced in collaboration with large companies. Belgian beer called Chimay is famous. There are 12 monasteries in the world that produce trappist beer, including such beer. There are only 12 places.

About half of it is concentrated in Belgium. The reason for concentrating in Belgium is related to Christian rituals.

Wine and bread are essential to the Christian church ritual. Pick up the bread in the words of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ
“This is my body”
And pick up the wine
“This is my blood”
He said and he gave it to his disciples. ※To Christians. Actually I’m not Christian, so please let me know if it’s a mistake.

In areas where vines grow, it is perfectly fine to use wine in ceremonies. However, there are some areas where grapes do not grow at all. Belgium is one of the regions. A Belgian specialty beer was used instead. Trappist beer beginning is the monastery made beer for ceremonies.

There are 12 Trappist beers in the world, one of which is in Italy. It is a church on the outskirts of Rome and is a monastery called Trefontane. With the exception of beers like Chimay, Trappist beers are basically only available locally. Only the Trappist Monastery makes trappist beer in Italy. It’s a very valuable beer.

The relationship between religion and alcohol is also very interesting.