Pennies from heaven ②~The story of whiskey told by the sommelier~

Last time, I talked about the five major whiskey countries.

These five countries and European countries are very closely related.

First of all, I would like to talk about Ireland. Not only Irish whiskey, but also Guinness, Kilkenny and other beers are famous countries. Rugby is popular, and the match day starts drinking from the evening and continues to drink beer until midnight after the game is over. You can see that beer and whiskey are cultures in Ireland.

By the way, in Ireland, it is said that the whiskey distillation technology started from here. It seems that the monks applied the perfume making in the Middle East. Over the years, the reputation of Irish whiskey had risen, boasting a global share of 60% at one point. The decline from here is today’s story.

First of all, two world wars, this is not only whiskey but alcohol around the world has declined. And Prohibition in the United States, which was the main exporter. This is pretty painful, but it also affects other alcoholic beverages. The most influential event was the War of Independence from Britain. This retaliation has resulted in no exports to Britain and its colonies. In addition, “a certain event” triggered a big leap in Scotch whiskey. There is no chance to come out anymore.

It was almost devastating, but is now back. Many Irish whiskeys are easy to drink and are highly recommended for beginners (in my opinion).

Next time, I will talk about a certain event mentioned above.


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