Pennies from heaven ④~The story of whiskey told by the sommelier~

clear glass bottle with brown liquid

The third country of the five major whiskeys is the United States.

American whiskey has gradually recovered since its decline.

And when something declines, something develops.

American whiskey was brought to you by immigrant Scottish and Irish people. Heavy taxes will be levied on whiskey after the American Revolution. I really love politicians’ heavy taxes. Manufacturers moved to inland Tennessee and Kentucky, which were outside the 13 independent states at the time, to escape taxes. Since this area was suitable for corn production, the bourbon whiskey production method was established. After the Civil War, production will increase and it will develop significantly in the U.S.

The 1920 Federal Prohibition Act forced many distilleries to close. The crackdown was strict and moonshine was not as developed as in Scotland. It was abolished in 1933, but some states still have Prohibition, and due to the effects of World War II, reconstruction was on track after 1950.

Such the heavy taxes in Scotland and the Prohibition in the United States, it’s very hard for people to quit the alcohol they used to drink until yesterday. The patience doesn’t last long. America cannot be moonshine. There is only one way to rely on this!


Now the problem. What and where did the Americans smuggle?