Pennies from heaven ⑤~The story of whiskey told by the sommelier~

close up photo of person holding clear drinking glass

This time I’m talking about Canadian whiskey.

Canadian whiskey began production around the 18th century. They started making whiskey with the excess grain that was overproduced. However, whiskey at that time was not a good product to compliment, and it is said that it was quite inferior.

Now, of course, they make great whiskey, and of course, under current law, what was made at that time is not recognized as Canadian whiskey.

Although it is such a Canadian whiskey, it has characteristics that other whiskeys do not have. It means that you may use a flavoring liquid that has nothing to do with whiskey within the specified amount. Examples of flavor liquids are wine, brandy and sherry. This makes it a very fruity and mellow whiskey.

What made this unique and high-quality Canadian whiskey grow so much?

Prohibition in the United States. During this period, smuggling was actively carried out in the United States, which triggered growth. If you make a lot, the technology and efficiency will improve steadily.

And after World War II, this fruity whiskey is loved all over the world. The quality is also high and it has become popular in the world.

So the answer to the last quiz was smuggling whiskey from Canada.

So far, Scotland, Ireland, the United States, and Canada have appeared, but since they are five major countries, there is still one more. Where do you think?