Pennies from heaven ⑥~The story of whiskey told by the sommelier~

asian man resting in bar with cigar and whiskey

Now it’s the last country.

What is that country?

It’s Japan!!!

Japanese whiskey does not have as long a history as the whiskeys of the four countries mentioned last 4 blogs, but since it is a whiskey recognized around the world, I would like to introduce it.

There is one person who is indispensable for talking about Japanese whiskey. His name is Masataka Taketsuru. There was a drama about him called “Massan”. Without him, there would be no Japanese whiskey today. This time I will mainly talk about him.

Japanese whiskey began to be evaluated worldwide after 2000. “Single Cask Yoichi 10 Years” receives the world’s highest evaluation by suppressing Scotch and Bourbon in the blind test. From around this time, Japanese whiskey attracted worldwide attention.

Such Japanese whiskey was inferior when Masataka was a student. It contained alcoholic flavors and sweets and was called imitation. Masataka, a student, is studying brewing and will join a company called “Settsushuzo” ​​after graduating.

During World War I, Settsushuzo made a lot of money because alcohol was needed to make gunpowder for weapons. As an employee, Masataka is exempt from military service. Mr. Abe who is the president of Settsushuzo learns about Masataka’s exemption from military service and proposes something.

Would you like to learn how to make whiskey in Scotland?

Abe expected that an era would come when imitation would not be enough. When he wanted to make authentic whiskey, he selected Masataka who is diligent and hard working. Masataka is also surprised because he will also support all the funds for studying abroad. He replies immediately and heads to Scotland.

Masataka, who departs from Kobe Port, has a certain destined person to see him off.