Pennies from heaven ⑦~The story of whiskey told by the sommelier~

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Masataka studied abroad in Scotland for two years and thoroughly learned how to make whiskey.

After his return, he returned to Settsushuzo to work, but whiskey making did not come true. He will quit Settsushuzo.

A certain person approaches such Masataka. It is a person named Shinjiro Torii. He is the president of a company called “Kotobukiya” and puts Masataka in his company.

By the way, “Kotobukiya” is later Suntory.

Kotobukiya has had a long-standing business with Settsushuzo, and he saw Masataka. He also came to see off at Kobe Port. Torii asks Masataka to make whiskey. And a distillery is completed. This is Yamazaki Distillery.

And with full satisfaction, Suntory’s first whiskey will be released. However, this was a big mistake. It was not sold at all. In addition, the opinions of Masataka, who wants to make authentic whiskey, and Suntory’s management were going to antinomic. Later, due to the financial crisis, he also served as the factory manager of a beer factory, and then left Kotobukiya. Masataka had various conflicts, but he decided to become independent.

From the time he was in Scotland, Masataka thought that Hokkaido was a suitable place for making whiskey. He later set up a distillery in Yoichi, Hokkaido, but whiskey aging takes years. Furthermore, making whiskey immediately after quitting Kotobukiya was an act equivalent to selling a fight to Torii. Masataka, who does not want to add oil to the fire, expresses his intention not to compete.

You’ll know the actions taken by Masataka next time.