Pennies from heaven ⑧~The story of whiskey told by the sommelier~

When you get a loan, you have to say what you are doing, but at that time, even if you were to build a distillery and make whiskey, you wouldn’t get a loan.

Masataka will build a factory in Hokkaido and will start as a company that ostensibly makes apple juice. By doing this, it appeals that it will not compete with Suntory. And while the whiskey was aging, they overcame the difficulty by selling apple juice.

The company name at the time of establishment, Dai Nippon Kaju Co., Ltd. You can see the ostensibly business from here as well. And later, Nikka Whiskey will change.

They made whiskey, but it didn’t suit the tastes of Japanese people at that time and didn’t work as well as Suntory. It will be recognized little by little and become popular. They also built a second factory in Miyagi to accelerate whiskey making.

Nikka Whiskey’s position in Japan is immovable. After Masataka died, it became a world-renowned whiskey. As a result of stubbornly continuing to make whiskey with conviction, it has become the cornerstone of today’s Japanese whiskey and is now being drunk all over the world.

This wonderful story has been published in several books, but this time I referred to the book in this photo. This is the end of this series. I hope that you will deepen your awareness of whiskey.