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transparent glass of rose wine served on table

There is a wine law in Europe.

It is a law that protects the characteristics and traditions of wine in each region. If the conditions are met and certified, wine can be sold under the name of that region. In Italy, there are grades such as DOCG and DOC. Branding the region is also important. Champagne is a very good example.

Champagne is the name of the region in France. Any deviation from the Champagne regulations will not be labeled as Champagne and will be treated as just sparkling wine.

This law was once certified by the state, but is now finalized by the EU. The point is that one hurdle has increased. This has led to an overwhelming reduction in newly certified wines these days.

However, there is a newly certified wine in January this year! !! !!

It’s a Prosecco rosé.

No, what is Prosecco! !! Please be assured. There is a wonderful teacher called Google.

I will explain it properly. Simply.

Sparkling wine from Veneto, that capital is Venice, is made from a grape variety called Glera. This grape is also known as Prosecco. In the past, only white was allowed, but this year the rose was finally certified.

Prosecco production exceeds champagne. With the addition of the world-famous rosé element to this already popular Prosecco, it is said that it will definitely sell. There is a possibility that it will run out of stock, so it seems that it will be a while before we see it in Japan.