Slapsticks in Rome② ~Unexpected Chance~

man riding horse statue near white concrete building

I have an Italian sommelier qualification. I stayed in Italy for less than two months, studied wine and got the qualification. I took a leave of absence from the company I was working for, I made a list I want to do in Italy so that I will not miss a valuable opportunity.

One of them was watching football(soccer). I’m a big fan of the team AS Roma. It is commonly known as Romanista. I was checking in advance which game to watch before departure. Every weekend, a match is held, so I can’t decide which one to watch, but as a football fan, I want to see a match with a big club. Among them, the match I paid attention to was Roma vs. Napoli. These 2 teams are rivalry like Yankees and Red Sox in Major League Baseball. It is one of the best rivalry in Italy and is famous for its supporters being very hot. By the way, this match date is November 2, 2019.

However, I didn’t know the schedule of the sommelier class, and I heard that the class is quite hard, so I thought that I should concentrate on my studies. And on October 31st, the first day of class began. This day is Thursday. I checked the schedule, it was 3 consecutive holidays from November 1st. Apparently this day was an Italian holiday, and the match was on November 2nd, the middle day, then I decided to take a day bullet tour to Rome.