Slapsticks in Rome③ ~Trouble Far Beyond Expectations~

The day after that decision, I immediately bought an online ticket. The game starts at 3:00 pm. I prepared the uniform of Roma legend Francesco Totti and did image training. I will assume any trouble. There is no lack of pickpocketing measures. Inflate various delusions and go to bed early while grinning.

I was staying in a small town called Montecatini. It is about 30-40 minutes by train from Florence. It is a plan to transfer to the limited express bound for Rome in Florence. In Italy, assuming a natural delay, I calculated that it would take three and a half to four hours (it will arrive in about two and a half hours if it is on time). I was thinking of walking around the city of Rome, so I left home at 8 am.

To the nearest station, which is supposed to arrive at noon. However, while walking, I notice something unusual. Suddenly, Itachi and Kisame appeared in front of me while wearing Akatsuki’s clothes! (Those who haven’t read Naruto which is Japanese comic, I’m sorry it’s hard to understand.) Beyond that is Nami with a log pose on her arm. The closer I got to the station, the more people who did anime cosplay were walking, such as Edward Elric, Kririn, Tanjiro, Vegeta, and Sailor Moon, as if they had come to another world.

Apparently there is an anime cosplay event in the neighboring town. Everyone seems to go there by train. Yes, the station is heavy congestion. Ticket vending machines are so too. The train is delayed. The event is in the opposite direction of Florence, but there was a tremendous delay due to the countryside track with one lane.

I got stuck unexpectedly at the station, but as a Japanese, I was happy to see many Japanese anime characters in a foreign country. After an hour of getting stuck, I was finally able to get on the train.