Slapsticks in Rome④ ~Italian hospitality~

panning photography of yellow taxi

I finally got on the train, but I arrived in Rome late after 1:00 pm because it was one lane. In Japan, it took enough time to make a round trip between Tokyo and Osaka by Shinkansen. There was nothing wrong with going straight to the stadium. But what I really want. It’s an AS Roma cap. It costs about 8,000 yen to buy this in Japan, but I can buy it locally for about 25 euros. I really wanted to wear this and go to cheer.

There is an official team store near Piazza del Popolo in Rome. If you walk normally, it will take about 40 minutes from the station. About 40 minutes from there to the stadium. Of course I will run. The kick-off is at 3 o’clock so you might think it’s in time, but I expected that the security checks from the stadium and the complicated stadium leads would probably not get to the seats. I bought a hat and decided to take a taxi.

The time when I bought the hat, 2 o’clock. Then look for a taxi on the main street in front of Piazza del Popolo . Although it is a taxi that is super persistent marketing in front of the station, it cannot be caught at all in the center of the tourist area. I finally caught a taxi, but the driver’s appearance is a kind of a face that looks tough and scary. He looks like a mafia, but there is no choice, so I rode the car.

A driver who looks like a mafia with shaved head, sunglasses and a tattoo on his arm. He was fluent in English. When I told the destination with peace of mind, such a conversation began.

Driver “Where are you from?”

Me “Japan. “

Driver “Oh! Nakata! Arigato Gozaimasu”

Apparently the driver is also a fan of AS Roma. I was able to get to know it immediately. He explained that the main road is crowded and that he will go on the back road. Meanwhile, when I look outside, the scenery passing by is unusually fast. Looking at the speed meter, it is 90km. It is a general road. Moreover, because it is a back road, it is a narrow road with no traffic lights. In such a situation, the driver will carefully explain how to enter the stadium by gesturing with one-handed driving.

A kind driver who carefully taught me how to enter the stadium and delivered it at a tremendous speed in time for the kick-off. He is not good at traffic violations, but he could feel the hot Italian hospitality.