Slapsticks in Rome⑤ ~Sun Derby~

The sun isn’t out in ths picture. The weather on that day was rainy.
Thanks to the taxi driver I mentioned earlier, I was able to kick off safely. However, the interior of Stadio Olimpico in Rome was complicated, and it took more than 20 minutes to reach the audience from the entrance. Even so, I couldn’t thank the strong taxi driver because I was in time for the pre-match cheering song “Roma Roma Roma”.

Now, the stadium that I finally arrived at. After all it is a rival confrontation, and the excitement of the audience has reached the climax. Roma vs Napoli is called the Sun Derby ;Derby del Sole in Italian, and is a well-known rival in Italy. Naturally, boos like rumbling and dirty hecklers fly around.

Meanwhile, there was a player who especially collected boos. It is Manolas, a defender belonging to Napoli. He belonged to Roma until the last season. A Greek player who has grown to the world level in Roma. However, although he himself wanted to stay, he was sold to Napoli due to the financial deterioration of the Roma team. I couldn’t send him a boo.

Surprisingly, Roma takes the initiative in the game. With the decline of Roma and the growth of Napoli in the last few years, Roma is completely downgraded. I was prepared to lose a little in this match as well. The result was 2-1 and Roma won. It was a fierce match, but they defended the onslaught of powerful Napoli. Leave the stadium with satisfaction. However, I still do not know that further troubles await.