Slapsticks in Rome⑥ ~Stadium that cannot be exited~

The good thing about watching football is that the match time is fixed and it is easy to schedule after that. Therefore, I bought a reserved seat for the limited express train on the way back in advance. The end of the game is around 5 pm, and if the train is after 7 pm, I can get on with plenty of room. I thought so and bought a train ticket around 7:30. I praised myself for my wonderful planning.

At the end of the match, I’m still excited, leave my seat and head to the exit of the stadium. When I go to the exit, tens of thousands of other spectators also go to the exit. Naturally, the exit is congested. I felt the line doesn’t go out. It’s been 30 minutes since I left from my seat. I got out of the stadium, but it took another 30 minutes to get through the park around it.

It’s a little over an hour walk to Rome’s Termini station. I realized that this was just little late for the train, and regretted buying the ticket in advance. While walking toward Termini station, I thought about whether to use a bus or tram. As anyone who has watched such sports knows, public transportation like this will be over capacity after the game is over. It takes a lot of time just to get on. Thinking about what to do, I decided to catch a taxi here again.