Slapsticks in Rome⑦ ~The super hospitality again~

buildings during golden hour

However, in this situation, the area around the stadium is crowded with people. All the taxis that pass are occupied. I can’t catch a taxi. However, I’ve had a lot of luck in my life so far. When I’m wondering what to do, there is a taxi which is the customer getting off in front of me! How lucky I am! I took a taxi immediately.

The driver this time was quieter than before. I told him where I was going and looked at the city from the window. However, the scenery does not change at all. I can’t proceed at all due to heavy traffic. I was a little prepared that this might not be in time for the train. However, Italian taxi drivers are unusual.

The car goes to the path. It seems to use a loophole. Rough driving is rather adorable. However, all the roads are congested and it is not straightforward. No boulevards, no loopholes. This situation is check mate. After this, this driver will follow a shocking road.

We waited for a traffic light at an intersection and turned left. It is a road on which trams also run. I thought it was just a left turn. The car entered the middle lane. I was looking at the scenery from the car window without worrying about anything. Then, the sight of people standing in a slightly elevated place is right in front of me. Obviously it’s a tram station. I look around with a sense of discomfort, it is clearly a road dedicated to trams.

Trams run on ordinary roads. Basically, it runs on the same road as a car, but there are dedicated lanes depending on the road, such as near a station. At the intersection, we entered the tram lane. There should be no car running on such a road, and we will continue to slip through traffic jams. But I would have been surprised when the train came.

However, I was impressed that Italian taxi drivers do anything for their purposes. Then I arrived at Rome Termini station. I left the taxi in honor of the driver for the wonderful driving. I arrived at the station much earlier than I expected, so I could afford to buy dinner on the train.

Then I got on the train safely and returned to the city of Montecatini.