Awareness of weakness

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I think that many Japanese sommeliers are not very good at Italian wine.

I think there are various reasons for that.

First of all, textbooks and reference books. Many texts are based on France. Each region of France is covered and you can study all over. Other countries will also study the world’s wines with reference to France. Italy, on the other hand, is often grouped with ”other country”. In this case, if it is a small wine country, it will be OK. However, Italy is a wine powerhouse along with France. In terms of production, Italy has been keeping the number one in the world these days.

Why not divide such a country into smaller regions!

Most of the Japanese sommelier exams are questions about French wine. This textbook and reference book are just for exam preparation.

The second reason is grapes. Grape varieties native to France and grown all over the world are called international varieties. Conversely, grape varieties that can only be grown in that area are called indigenous varieties. This indigenous variety is incredible in Italy. Even if you introduce one type a day, it will not end in one year!

Even if you remember France in the test, the Italian wine is more complicated. But they can’t even look at it because it doesn’t appear in the test. That’s sad.

So, I would like to introduce an rare and unknown Italian grape. Spotlight on performers who don’t usually appear!