My Story ②

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I was born in a mediocre family, but I grew up without any inconvenience. Not many, but I also had friends. I was such a shy boy with little self-assertion. And when I was 10 years old, I started playing soccer. It was just around the time when Japan made its first appearance in the France World Cup and the soccer boom was coming. Most of my friends joined the soccer club, and I joined as well.

The soccer club joined without knowing that this would be my first setback, but it was one of the strongest teams in the city. I joined the club without knowing that, and suddenly the rigorous practice began. I don’t think it’s fun and I want to quit right away. However, I cannot say that I will quit because I am a shy person with strict teachers and coaches, and I gradually start to skip club activities. My parents were so strict that I couldn’t talk to them, and eventually I couldn’t talk to anyone and ended up quitting club activities.

At this time, my heart somehow has the feeling that “I am a weak person who could not continue one thing.” At this time, I quit halfway through, so I lose confidence in myself. I remember that it was from this time that I became a negative personality. This will later be a tremendous annoyance to me.

However, as a child, I will graduate with this feeling without being aware of it.





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