My Story ③

Normally, admission to junior high school is full of dreams and hopes. However, as a negative person, I was almost worried I could not keep up with the class, cannot make friends, and scared of strict teacher. Moreover, for some reason, the club activity is indispensable. I was worried and had to join club activities, so I didn’t like it even before I entered school. I had such feelings before I entered school, and in this era it was not strange that I would not go to school, but I went to school because I encountered a certain sport.

It was Kendo. By encountering Kendo, I gradually gained confidence in myself. I was prepared to continue this. Kendo will continue until I graduate from high school, but I will take this story for another time.

The practice was tough and I thought I would quit it many times, but I managed to continue and it was time to graduate from junior high school. I didn’t study at all because I was too focused on kendo. I want to continue kendo, but I couldn’t enter a high school with a kendo club because of my terrible grades at that time. I don’t want to quit Kendo. I studied for the entrance exam only with that thought, and managed to pass the school of my choice at the last minute.

This leads to the next big setback.