My story ④

brown and black wooden chairs inside room

After studying hard, I entered a high school that is about two ranks higher than my ability. The reality I’ve been waiting for is that I can’t keep up with the class anyway. Everyone around me is better than me. And practice of kendo which is stricter than junior high school. More and more I cannot keep up with the class. People who realized that they couldn’t keep up with the class would quit club activities early, but I decided to continue kendo, and I became stubborn to continue, then I maintained my worst grades. People around me repeatedly told me to quit kendo, and I was forced into it mentally.

I had a lot of hardships in kendo, but after the last game in high school, all I had left was the worst grade. It’s not very good, but it’s not a grade that allows me to go on to university. I have completely lost my confidence in studying. I was wondering what to do, but the great thing was that I had friends talking about the future. He is the smartest in the grade. It was a unique combination with the top and worst grades being best friends.

His goal was to go on to college in Seattle, USA. And by chance, I found a vocational hotel school with a study abroad program in Seattle. It seems that I can enroll with the lowest grades like me, so I decided to enroll there. However, as mentioned above, the hotel industry is a very high hurdle challenge for me, who is shy and has little self-assertion. I will face my weaknesses.