My Story ⑤

Enrolled in a hotel school. My first time in Tokyo, my first part-time job. Shy and little self-assertion, I struggle with my first customer service job. However, I will do my best because I wanted to overcome this personality. No, I will do my best a little too much. There was a system where I went to school while working while living in the dormitory of a part-time job company, and I used this system considering the burden of my parents’ money. I worked almost every day after school, so I’m tired every day. The number of days not attending class will gradually increase. However, I tell myself that I have to do my best and continue this life for a year.

After that, I studied abroad in Seattle for a year. It is the first overseas. Because of my student visa, I do not work locally except for internships. It was a very enjoyable year, focusing on studying and playing with friends. I think my personality has naturally become a little brighter. Looking back, I thought this was what the students really were. By the way, I was able to meet my best friend in high school again. Then, the life of returning to Japan and going to school while working begins.

After returning to Japan, I went to the hotel school for another year. It is a life of going to school while working the same as before. However, I used to think that if I didn’t make money, I would have to work hard, but now I think I have to enjoy my life. This year was also the time for job hunting. It was the year after the Lehman shock, so it didn’t go well, and I got a job at a French restaurant in Marunouchi without considering it because of my impatience.

I still didn’t know that hell’s twenties will begin after this.