My Story ⑥

The restaurant I joined was working 6 days a week and 17 hours a day. I wish I had quit immediately, but at that time I was overconfident that I could do it with a little effort. In addition to this working time, it was an environment where mistakes could not be tolerated. When I made a mistake, I was skipped meals and beaten and kicked by my boss. I will quit this job for half a year in a row.

I get sick both physically and mentally, quit my job in a short period of half a year, and fall into self-loathing. After all, I can’t keep going. This feeling revives again. I took a rest for a while and started job hunting again. I had no income or savings, so I started working at a coffee chain store as a part-time job. There was no harassment such as hitting and kicking because the working hours were normal. However, I met a ridiculous boss there, and after that I could not trust the upper management in the company.

The boss I met there was a very cheerful and passionate person.
But it’s public face!
He was a ridiculous person for me. He hides his mistakes, but blames and pursues my mistakes. Simply put, he was such a person. There are many stories about him, but I want to give a simple example on next blog.




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