My Story ⑦

mad formal executive man yelling at camera

One day, when I went to work late shift, when I saw the condition of the store, I was surprised that nothing was done. My boss is in charge of the early shift. In that situation, I took over without any information. What happened? I heard. He said just one word, it was busy. We will take over the work of the early shift and also handle the work of the late shift. Do nearly twice as much work as usual, and finally write a business report. I always check sales and other data every hour, but I didn’t have a busy time during the early shifts. After that, there were various incidents, and it turned out that he was late that day.

Another story was the day when I was responsible and he supported me. So to speak, it’s my training. His best special ability is that he will never come out once he goes down at desk work. I came to think he wasn’t there. If he has a ridiculously difficult job, I understand, but he’s basically sitting and talking to a break employee. I’m no longer angry, but he didn’t come back for an hour with a 15-minute break that day. I was wondering if he could not calculate anymore, and above all, there was no apology after that. I thought it was a company where such a person were promoted.

These things happen in quick succession in my early twenties, and I lose trust in this boss. I become suspicious of the bosses I meet in the future, and I am not good at communicating well.