My Story ⑧

faceless woman with cardboard box on head against pond

After all, I worked at this coffee chain store for about 4 years. During this time, I had a lot of good bosses and disagreeable bosses, but I learned a lot from them. From this blog, it’s about my late 20s. I want to get out of this negative spiral and decide to change jobs.

But hell is still going on. With this change of job, I got a job at an Italian restaurant. There is no violence here. However, this company is also strict about mistakes, and even a small mistake is blamed tremendously. With my personality, when I’m blamed for mistakes, I feel pressure and invite new mistakes. I started making a lot of mistakes in such an environment.

Then, the president begins to ignore me. I’m mentally ill because I’m ignored and blamed for mistakes. I quit this restaurant in just four months. I even thought I couldn’t work anymore. To be honest, I may have been the most depressed in my life at this time. However, although I made many mistakes in my work and employment, I finally realized that I couldn’t help feeling depressed.