My Story ⑨

ocean with boats under cloudy sky at sundown

I learned from this experience and seriously thought about how to move in the right direction. First of all, I decided to take the time to find a job. Based on my experience so far, I also decided to identify the company. Then, I focused on the hotel industry, which has relatively better working conditions than the food and beverage industry. I seriously thought about what was the happiest thing for me.

After three months of job hunting, I was finally able to get a job at an American-owned hotel. My bartender career started and lead to a sommelier qualification. Thanks to the time I spent, I was able to become a liquor specialist and finally saw signs of getting out of the negative spiral. I wasn’t very good at it, so I had a hard time interviewing. I applied for many companies, but even the one I applied for with a friend’s introduction was rejected.

Although I was depressed, I think that I overcame this difficult time and learned various things, all of which led to my personality. What was painful at the time can now be laughed at. I would like to introduce some of how these hardships are connected to me on next blog.




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