My Story ⑩

paper boats on solid surface

It was a frustrating life, but I learned a lot. There is something I am conscious of first to be positive and then to affirm the life I have lived. It is to think that “escape is not a bad thing”. I used to think that it was not good to quit halfway through, but I became a member of society and ran away and was depressed. However, if I hadn’t escaped at that time, I might have been more physically ill, or I might have been mentally cornered and depressed. In order to protect myself and for my health, I try to escape immediately in such a situation.

When I met my unfortunate boss, I studied “leadership” hard because I didn’t want to be like this. I read a book and learned thoroughly. So, since I met that boss, I haven’t had much trouble communicating with my subordinates. It was a huge step forward for me, who was originally negative and shy. I would like to introduce some of the books I read at this time that impressed me, so please look forward to it. In the sense that it gave me this kind of opportunity, I have to thank my boss.