My Story ⑪


There are customs that are common in workplaces that do not tolerate failure. That is, if they are rigorously instructed, they will be strict with their juniors. I think that such an organization blames mistakes and prevents them from happening again. By doing this, clumsy types like me will escape, and inevitably it will become an organization with few mistakes. But I don’t want to see anyone who suffers like me, and I don’t think I need to suffer from that. What I was conscious of was, “Forgive failure, scold negligence.”

I will forgive my mistakes. Forgiveness may reveal the root cause. If you make the same mistake twice, point out your negligence as to why you didn’t take action. Having this idea makes it easier to find problems in the workplace and organization, which leads to environmental improvement.

I call this experience “the dark twenties.” However, I think that I was able to lead the organization and the team because of that, and I think that I was able to understand the feelings of negative people and become positive. My next era has already been named “Challenge 30s”.