My Story ~Epilogue~

person holding blue red and white book

Thank you for reading so far. I think that each person has a painful experience, but I think it is important how to convert it into their own energy. I hope this experience helps someone.

By the way, I will challenge various things from now on. First of all, I would like to convey the Japanese liquor culture to the world. I would like to publish sake, Japanese wine, and local dishes from each region on this blog and You Tube. In the future, I would like to distribute You Tube from wineries and sake breweries. I don’t have a lot of money, so I think it will take some time, but I will definitely make it happen.

To do that, I have to study English more. I’m writing this blog in English, but I’m still not used to speaking. However, I will try to deliver it in English. When I open a channel, I will inform you on the blog so please subscribe to the channel.

I will keep you informed about future challenges, so please support me!


さて、これからの私ですが色んなことにチャレンジしていきます。まずは日本のお酒の文化を世界に伝えたいと思います。日本酒や日本のワイン、各地の郷土料理をこのブログやYou Tube で発信していこうと思います。将来的にはワイナリーや酒蔵などからYou Tube配信をしていきたいと思います。潤沢な資金があるわけではないので時間がかかるかと思いますが、必ず実現させます。



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