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I’ll be back

My blog is stopped, because I got sickness. But it is g続きを読む “I’ll be back”

person holding blue red and white book

My Story ~Epilogue~

Thank you for reading so far. I think that each person 続きを読む “My Story ~Epilogue~”


My Story ⑪

There are customs that are common in workplaces that do続きを読む “My Story ⑪”

paper boats on solid surface

My Story ⑩

It was a frustrating life, but I learned a lot. There i続きを読む “My Story ⑩”

ocean with boats under cloudy sky at sundown

My Story ⑨

I learned from this experience and seriously thought ab続きを読む “My Story ⑨”

faceless woman with cardboard box on head against pond

My Story ⑧

After all, I worked at this coffee chain store for abou続きを読む “My Story ⑧”

mad formal executive man yelling at camera

My Story ⑦

One day, when I went to work late shift, when I saw the続きを読む “My Story ⑦”

My Story ⑥

The restaurant I joined was working 6 days a week and 1続きを読む “My Story ⑥”

My Story ⑤

Enrolled in a hotel school. My first time in Tokyo, my 続きを読む “My Story ⑤”

brown and black wooden chairs inside room

My story ④

After studying hard, I entered a high school that is ab続きを読む “My story ④”



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